Construction Underway At Sutton Knob

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Construction of the first roads into Sutton Knob and the new entrance into the development are currently underway in early March. Matt Cantrell and his crew are hard at work constructing Hollydale Road down to the grassy meadow in the valley area of Sutton Knob. From there, Cantrell and his crew will begin working on adding Ferndale Road that will head through a scenic forest where around eight home sites are planned. Beyond the grassy meadow is Sutton Knob, where an additional number of home sites will be situated during Phase II of the development process.



Hollydale Road, the first road constructed at Sutton Knob, as seen near the grassy meadow.



Meanwhile, Courtney Cheek and his crew have been hard at work stacking boulders at the entrance to Sutton Knob, working on placing the sign and preparing to landscape the area ahead of a March 20 groundbreaking ceremony scheduled to be held at Sutton Knob.

Courtney Cheek, owner of CMC Landscaping & Grading, at work constructing the entrance to Sutton Knob.
The view from uphill of the entrance showing the future site of Cedardale Lane where construction of the first cottages is scheduled.
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