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About Brevard Brewing Company
The world of beer is increasingly one of two extremes. While large macro-breweries compete to produce the lightest, most flavorless, adjunct laden beers possible, craft breweries strive to out-do one another by making each beer hoppier, bolder, and stronger than the next. At Brevard Brewing Company, we have set out to give beer lovers the best of both worlds – beer that is both drinkable and flavorful. We are the only brewery in Western North Carolina to specialize in lagers.

What’s the big deal about lagers? Lagers are cold-fermented and aged over twice as long as ales. They are more costly to produce, and take more patience to brew. Unlike the big flavors of ales that hide imperfections, lagers demand a higher standard of quality and care, making them a rare find in the craft beer world. But the result is worth the attention to detail–this painstaking process creates a beer that is clean, smooth, and crisp as opposed to the bold, complex flavor of ales. The imported German barley, hops, and yeast delivers delicate and refined beers that are delicious and flavorful, yet supremely drinkable.

While German-inspired lagers are my specialty, I will never forget the wonderful contributions that American home brewers have made to the beer world over the past thirty years. I typically find myself drinking a cold, smooth, Pilsner, but every now and again, my taste buds crave a bold, hoppy American IPA. This is why Brevard Brewing Company offers American ales in addition to German lagers. No matter your mood or what you are craving, we have the right beer for you.

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